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F o o l i s h  m e


Is there a "why"?

Born in the Southern part

of the country, but  living up North

,the strong wind and low temperatures

at first made me feel freezy and uncomfortable.

Longing for some coziness I found comfort

in the softness of wool and the warmth of

it's colors made me feel happy.

The bare  land with it's imposing clouds

that changes with the seasons, 

the taste of salty air of the sea nearby,

the sound of the howling wind around

the house at night.


Focussing on the little things of life and the simplicity of the thread that can turn into everything,

inspires me.


And that's "Why".

Looking at the greyness of my surroundings during winter or the glow whilst summer, makes me wanna

color the world.

Will you join me? 


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