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W O O L F O O L  I S H

Open Atelierdagen

De Blauwe Vis Ateliers 11 & 12 november 2023


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The WoolFoolish collection consists of very diverse, unique items such as wonderful mandala's, handmade hats, woolly blankets and fashionable beanies, all handmade from mainly woolly material.

To color yourself, your loved ones, your world

Woolfoolish's hats vary in size and material. Depending on the material, the hat fits large or small, loose or tight. 

The circumference of your head in centimeters is approximately the size that fits you.

Price varies per item (excluding shipping costs). 

Rosie's Blankets are all about the same size; 150 x 200 cm.

Some are slightly larger, others slightly smaller, depending on the type of wool or cotton the blanket is made of,

but large enough for a nice picnic, a cozy evening on the couch or to brighten up your home :-)

Price € 25,-- each (excluding shipping costs).

If you like to order one (or two or more)

or you want more information,

feel free to contact me



If you want to know more about an item or so

Thank you for your message, I'll get back to you soon :-)

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